We produce authentic, naturalistic documentary style imagery illustrating a diverse range of environmental themes from green living to climate change. 

Thomas Smith established the Company as a catalyst to merge his interests in environmental management and photojournalism into a meaningful venture. Building on his twenty years of professional experience in the UK environment sector and photographic industry, Thomas brings a fresh perspective to environmental image production; promoting authenticity, ethical robustness and exacting attention to detail. He strives to faithfully document the natural world whilst highlighting the threat that society imposes upon it.

We take pride in ensuring that our documentary photography work is undertaken in accordance with the ethical standards expected of professional photojournalism; our commitment to trust, quality and professionalism underpins everything we do.

Images on this website are available to purchase for personal and commercial use, and are suitable for a range of applications including gifts, artist reference, editorial illustrations and photographic prints.  A comprehensive collection of our stock imagery is also available at Alamy Ltd

For further information regarding our work, please contact us using the form below. 

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